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Verona view from the top

Free Walking Tour Verona

Every day at Arco dei Gavi

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Free Walking Tour and More

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Free Walking Tour Verona

Want to discover the city?! Want to have fun?!

Dear travellers, welcome to Verona!

With our professional guides, you will be introduced to our lovely Verona “the city of love”! In just two hours you will learn about historical facts and novels of the city.

Book your next spot and start the journey!


WALK Verona - Your Private Tour

Verona is truly the city of the lovers…therefore let the love carry you through the city, let’s imagine to live in those years in which Romeo and Juliet thought for their love. Let’s dive in Verona’s narrow streets and open squares to unveal step by step the political intrigues, the subterfuges and love scandals of the city. Who knows if the love between You and Verona will born!

This tour is Your Tour, specifically designed for those who wish to take a personal and direct contact with the city itself. We want to let you explore and discover the city beauties with our local professional guides.

Click below and find out more about the tour!


EAT Verona - Your Street Food Experience

Everybody knows about Verona wines! Vinitaly fair, Valpolicella, Bardolino, don't they sound familiar to you? Wine tradition here is as old as the city itself, which, they say, was already famous throughout the Roman empire for its canteens. Local people used to organize unforgettable party with the only purpose of eating and drinking. No matter if they were nobles or poors, locals or foreigners, once at the party, they would eat and drink till they faint.
If you got here, you should know it well. If not, you will learn. Welcome to the craddle of good wine and food.
By joining our EAT Verona - Street Food Tour you will have the opportunity to taste delicious local products while walking through an amazing part of the town, situated apart from the usual tourist attractions.

Looking for tips where to eat?!

Free Walking Tour Italia

The first, independent, young Free Walking Tour community in Italy.

We work in more than 25 Italian cities, running Free Tours and Local Experiences thanks to professional partners, tour guides and local communities. 


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